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You asked and we listened, Theraply has a new deep tissue massage home service available for both men and women, or for couples.

Relax and get rid of sore aching muscles or fatigue with a massage from our deep tissue massage therapists! Every session is done in the comfort of your own home,...

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Theraply Announces They are Gradually Resuming Their Operations and Offering In-Home Prenatal Massage Treatments in Singapore ( Commences on 19th June 2020)

COVID-19 has affected society in different ways; many health services have not been adequately provided and, unfortunately, many pregnant w...

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Common misconception we often encounter:
Women tend to presume they are safe from being pregnant for as long as they are able to breastfeed.

Did you know, there is still a chance of pregnancy during pregnancy?
Breastfeeding is only an effective contraceptive if :

A)Your menstrual period hasn't ...

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Theraply has prenatal massages that are designed around your trimester needs.

No more paying for one-size-fits-all "packages" that doesn't do its best to help relieve your gestational discomfort like morning sickness, fatigue, swollen feet and aching backs.

Every one ...

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A massage at home isn't just convenient for busy Singaporeans, it's also fuss free. Theraply provides a massage bed that is easily set up in less-than-ideal spaces so you can enjoy a massage anytime you want.

Theraply currently offers these massage services :

Prenatal m...

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Are you worried that your rate of lactation isn't producing enough breast milk for your baby?
Having to frequently nurse your child because he or she is hungry is a not a bad thing. A new born has a very tiny stomach that requires constant nourishment.

Lactation glands produce only as much a...

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Before you start searching for a "prenatal massage near me" to soothe your pregnancy aches, read this.

If you’re an expectant mum, you may have considered booking a prenatal massage to help you relax. Growing a baby is hard work fo...

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3 weeks ago
Best experience for massages - ever! Thank you for attending to me last minute!
- Ravin R
5 months ago
I engaged Theraply for their prenatal, postnatal, lactation services, and their confinement food. Their massage services are convenient and helped me feel a lot better during this time.Their food is of great quality and doesn’t look mass produced. Val is very helpful and informative. the admin team is responsive.
a month ago
This was my second time with Theraply and I found their therapists very professional in their treatment and advice. Having them come over to my home for treatment is ideal as I am currently working from home and working longer hours. The sessions are a great relieve for my aching muscles.
- Isabel L

Theraply- Massage Services

Theraply is Singapore's first ever In home massage services app. Think of us as Uber for massages. You make a booking, and we'll deliver the massage to wherever you are. 

With Theraply, you can now book a qualified massage therapist to give you an affordable but professional massage to be done right in your own home, and with each home massage that you book with us, we help you save money with our massage therapist app's unique features to reward our customers.

Theraply delivers the massage therapist, fresh and clean towels and sheets, and a comfortable massage bed right to your doorstep, all you have to do is let us in.
Here are some simplified explanations of what Theraply's features do to help customers save more money on their pregnancy journey for pregnancy massage and postpartum massage services

Fertility Massage

Increasing female fertility for women who are trying to conceive a child or get pregnant quickly has always been associated to invasive procedures or expensive supplements. 

Theraply prefers applying the traditional methods of using fertility massages to correct the position of the uterus for easier insemination, as well as improving blood circulation within the female body ( such as the sacrum) that helps with ovulation and solving infertility in women.

This massage works well on its own, or as an addition to IVF treatments administered by fertility clinics, many of whom we work with. 
As such procedures as invasive, they tend to produce nauseating side effects-which our fertility massage can relieve, making the recipient of the fertility treatments healthier and more able to withstand the remainder of their IVF treatment.

Prenatal Massage -Home Service

Being experts in the prenatal massage industry for nearly two decades in Singapore, Theraply understands all the needs of a pregnant woman to help them overcome pregnancy ailments and symptoms during the gestational period. 

We take care of everything from morning sickness, water retention, back aches and swollen feet, with our pregnancy massages. Theraply uses only certified prenatal massage therapists that are extensively trained in our Jamu massage techniques and methods, as well as fully organic Jamu oils and creams that contain zero parabens.

Having a massage during pregnancy is not only beneficial to a mom-to-be's physical health as she gets heavier during the second and third trimesters, but it also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for an easier childbirth. 

Did you know, that a good pregnancy massage done towards the last few weeks of the third trimester can also help with relieving the uncomfortable sensation of Braxton-Hicks contractions? Yes, Theraply has a specific prenatal program meant to help women who are nearing their EDD to cope with contractions. The program can also be customised to help induce labor if the mommy is past week 39 or week 40 of her pregnancy.

Theraply provides an unmatched quality outcome that is safe for both mother and baby up to the end of the third trimester of pregnancy when it is time for the baby to born.

Postnatal Massage - Home Service

After the childbirth is complete, Theraply assists new mothers to recover from the strain of giving birth, as they recuperate at home during the confinement period. The confinement massage is suitable for mothers who have undergone a vaginal delivery or even a cesarean( c-section) procedure.

We administer postnatal massage treatments in their homes, using traditional Jamu herbs to help relieve aches, dispel water retention and excess amniotic fluid and also help get the mother back into shape with Bengkung wrap binders on the stomach. The uterine massage techniques help to re-position the womb and also expel dried blood from membrane tearing.

Lympathic drainage is also performed during the treatment, to help rid the body of toxins, regulate lymph node blood circulation and also expel excess residue from epidural injections a mother receives during the childbirth procedures.

Postnatal massage during the confinement period ensures that healthy and normal blood circulation is restored, to aid the mother with her postpartum recovery needs. Without adequate blood flowing to areas in the body that need to heal, the process is slower as well as incomplete. Red blood cells that carry oxygen are necessary in the recovery of any types of injuries that a human body sustains, and childbirth is no exception to this.

Lactation massage - Home Service

And that's not all, our postpartum massage includes a breast massage that uses hot stone therapy to help the mother gain relief from breast engorgement and sensitive or painful nipples- caused by blocked milk ducts and irregular expressing of the breast milk within the mammary glands. Lactation massages brings relief to sore tender and swollen breasts caused by engorgement , and also helps prevent mastitis in mothers.

Miscarriage Massage -Home Service
Theraply also has postpartum massages for women that have undergone a total or even incomplete miscarriage, it is essentially the same as the post natal massage benefits described above, but more focused on the uterus to ensure stale materials that could cause severe infections are expelled from the womb, and preventing depression caused by the experience of undergoing a traumatic experience.

Confinement Food -Meal Catering Service

During the month long confinement period at home, the mother needs to have a well balanced diet that is both highly nutritional as well as cooked in the healthiest ways possible. Greasy food is not good for postpartum recovery and should be avoided at all costs.

Theraply also provides mothers with our confinement food catering options during their postpartum confinement period. The food is suitable for all mothers, even those who had a cesarean, miscarriage, or those who need more lecithin in their diet to produce more breast milk.

The confinement food catering to all areas in Singapore, for traditional style Chinese cuisine which includes the herbal tonics and soups prescribed by mid-wives in the old days. 
The notable difference between our confinement meals and others is that it is suitable for mothers who require recovery, as well as for breastfeeding mothers who need more lecithin in their diet to help them produce breast milk quickly. 

The nutrition values of the dishes have been planned by nutrition experts to ensure that sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals, calcium, folic acid, lecithin, protein and the right amount of carbohydrates are present in each meal.

For the traditional confinement herbal soups, they are prepared with the best sourced quality of herbs and brewed to perfection, to ensure you get all of the benefits, but none of the bitter taste associated with traditional Chinese medicines. 
Our meal options for confinement catering are comprised of 7 days, 14 days, and 21 days programs. 
Each program includes two meals a day( lunch and dinner) that consists of 1 soup, 2 main dishes, healthy mixed brown rice and tea (red dates or ginger). 

We provide these full body massage services in Singapore:

The massage app allows you to book an appointment, pay for your preferred massage therapy treatment, track your purchase history, schedule your appointments easily, and select how much strength you'd like your massage therapist to apply during your treatment with us.

Did you just search for a ' Massage Near Me' ? Here are all the locations in Singapore that we deliver our massage services to:

  • Ang Mo Kio, Singapore
  • Yio Chu Kang, Singapore
  • Yishun, Singapore
  • ToaPayoh, Singapore
  • Hougang, Singapore
  • Sengkang, Singapore
  • Serangoon, Singapore
  • Punggol, Singapore
  • Tengah, Singapore
  • Novena, Singapore
  • Kallang, Singapore
  • Geylang, Singapore
  • Bedok, Singapore
  • Tampines, Singapore
  • Changi, Singapore
  • Seletar, Singapore
  • Tampines, Singapore
  • Outram, Singapore
  • Tanjong Pagar, Singapore
  • Tiong Bahru, Singapore
  • Bukit Purmei, Singapore
  • Radin Mas, Singapore
  • Alexandra, Singapore
  • River Valleys, Singapore
  • Queenstown, Singapore
  • Ghim Moh, Singapore
  • Pandan Gardens, Singapore
  • Bukit Timah, Singapore
  • Jurong, Singapore
  • Jurong East, Singapore
  • Bukit Panjang, Singapore
  • Skywoods, Singapore
  • Jurong West, Singapore
  • Bukit Batok,Singapore


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