Posted on 04-Mar-2020


Common misconception we often encounter:
Women tend to presume they are safe from being pregnant for as long as they are able to breastfeed.

Did you know, there is still a chance of pregnancy during pregnancy?
Breastfeeding is only an effective contraceptive if :

A)Your menstrual period hasn't resumed

B) Your child is less than 6 months of age

The first six months are usually the safest periods, and mothers typically take more than 11 months to resume menstrual cycles.

Why does any of this matter?
We often treat mothers who opt for postpartum massages months after their baby is born, and in some cases, a year or two(yes, seriously)

Your hormonal changes from resuming the menstrual cycle will affect how your body responds to treatments, and we highly recommend every mother to get their confinement recovery done as soon as it's possible for them.

For all breastfeeding mommies, please
to read about how epidurals can stay in your body for extended periods of time and the side effects it has if left untreated.

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